Friday, August 7, 2009

Three Pastors Kidnapped, Beheaded in Nigeria

Unspeakable brutality that reminds us that the hostages we pray for are not only the victims of pirates but of political and religious terrorists with no regard for human life. Via Jihad Watch:
Nigerian Christian pastors beheaded by Boko Haram -- "Education Is Sin" -- Islamic jihad group for refusing to convert to Islam.

No Compulsion In Religion and Education Is Sin Updates: "Boko Haram: How 3 pastors were beheaded eyewitness," by Timothy Ola in the Daily Sun of Lagos, Nigeria (thanks to Skydeexie):
One of the victims of last week’s attack by the Yusufiya sect in Borno State has given a shocking account of how the Islamic extremists killed three pastors who were captured along with other victims on the second day of the insurgence. The victim was among those held hostage in Yusuf’s enclave.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Sun in Maiduguri, the eye witness who preferred anonymity disclosed that the three pastors were beheaded on the instruction of the sect leader, Mohammed Yusuf shortly after bringing them out of his inner chamber.

“The pastors alongside one Ibo man were asked to change their faith to Islam like they did to other people taken as hostages. I think there was an argument by one of the pastors which gave the others some level of confidence to also resist accepting Islam.

“The Yusufiya men who were armed on that Tuesday afternoon were not comfortable with the pastors and they took one of them to the sect leader in his inner chamber. They came out later to the courtyard within the compound and cut their heads one after the other and thereafter, shouted allah akbar in wild celebration accompanied with several gun shots,” the eye witness disclosed.

The article goes on to describe how Pastor George Orjih preached the love of Christ to his murderers up to the moment he was beheaded. While we mourn his loss, and the loss of the other two pastors who refused to convert, we can only give thanks for their courageous witness and take comfort in the knowledge that they have entered into an eternity with their Savior where there is no more suffering and fear.

The article does not say what happened to the other 50 hostages who were kidnapped at the same time. Boko Haram leader Mohammed Yusef, however, was killed by Nigerian police after being captured earlier this week.

Please continue to pray for all the hostages and victims of persecution and oppression throughout the world.

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