Monday, August 3, 2009

Three American Hikers Detained by Iran

Three Americans hiking in the Kurdish region of Iraq were detained by Iranian authorities Friday after they strayed across an unmarked border crossing. Via CNN:
(CNN) -- Swiss diplomats are trying to meet with three American hikers being held in Iran, the Swiss Embassy in Tehran said Monday.

The embassy would not say whether Iranian authorities had responded to their request or if diplomats had met the Americans.

Four American friends -- seasoned travelers -- were hiking through Iraq's Kurdistan region last week before three of them crossed the unmarked border with Iran, where Iranian authorities detained them.

Kurdish officials identified the hikers as Shane Bauer, Sarah Shourd and Joshua Fattal, CNN confirmed Sunday. The fourth hiker, Shon Meckfessel, stayed behind in Iraq.

"My husband and I are eager for the best welfare and conditions for our son, Josh, and for the other two companions he's with," Laura Fattal of Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, told CNN Radio. "And that is our only concern, his welfare and the best conditions for him."

Meckfessel, a graduate student at the University of Washington, was identified by his grandmother, who told CNN that he stayed behind because he felt sick. Meckfessel met with a consular official at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, the embassy said.

"My grandson has asked me not to talk to the media," said Irene Meckfessel of Carmichael, California, before hanging up Saturday.

Iran's state-run media reported that Iranian security forces arrested the three Americans on Friday on charges of illegally entering the country from Iraq's Kurdistan region and that the matter is under investigation.

Please pray that this incident is resolved quickly and that the three young people are released unharmed without this turning into a major ordeal like the recent Roxana Saberi case.

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Ted said...

You guys are pretty foolish to play with fire. Personally, I'd give Iran three days to return the hostages unharmed and then if they are not returned, open fire and utterly destroy the Iranian totalitarian tyranny. Dilly dallying (appeasement) of any kind will not work - and you know it! Appeasing the dictators will only embolden them even as decades of appeasement has helped bring the WTO towers down, and this latest pleading to the totalitarians enables the Iranians to capture British sailors with no qualms. Talk about a paper tiger!

America's "Just War Theories" (Christian morals) are destroying America in the eye's of the world. It's long past time for courage and justice. Ted.