Friday, August 14, 2009

Crews of Two Egyptian Ships Escape After Fighting Pirates

Great news from Somalia where the crews of two Egyptian fishing boats hijacked more than 4 months ago are free after overpowering their captors. Via VOA:
Somali pirate says the kidnapped crews of two Egyptian fishing vessels have won their freedom after attacking their pirate captors.

One of the pirates on board, who called himself Miraa, says the hostages overpowered them with machetes Thursday. He said the Egyptian crews then seized guns from the pirates, killing two of his colleagues.

Shipping officials say the Egyptians are now in control of their ships and are heading home.

The pirates had held the Egyptian crews hostage since mid-April.

The case marks a rare instance of crewmen fighting back against Somali pirates who usually hold their hostages for months seeking large ransom payments.

The ships, the Momtaz-1 and the Samara Ahmed (Shugaa al Mahdi)were hijacked in the Gulf of Aden back in April. Eleven pirates were captured during the escape, and are now under guard onboard the freed ships. It is not yet known into whose custody they will be given.

Thank God for this successful escape! Please continue to pray for the protection and rescue of the other ships still in the hands of the pirates.

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