Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mid-Day Devotion 7/8/09

“Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid: for the LORD JEHOVAH is my strength and my song; he also is become my salvation.”
Isaiah 12:2

In the darkest days of misery and pain, the bleakest moments of sorrow and suffering, in the harshest times of agony and anguish there is a comfort that transcends this age and all that we find amidst it. Though it may seem like the forces of evil are on the rise and the march of wickedness and iniquity are to trample righteousness as the deep and abiding immorality of sin's dark power grips this world and all that is in it, there is a peace… an encompassing peace that shines it light in the lives of those so fallen to the transgressions of dreadful men working their dreadful ways through these awful days of challenge and adversity.

It is a sacred trust, and a faith that surpasses all human understanding, all worldly wisdom and knowledge and teaches unto us the true nature of where we must place our confidence and reliance, knowing the blessed assurances we are given through the devotion of our Heavenly Father’s compassion and mercy as He shows it unto us.

God… the Lord God Almighty, through all turmoil and trials, through all struggles and hardship, even as it seems like the world, in the chaos and the danger that it brings, will come crashing down upon us, contends with our cause through all the days of our life. Always vigilant, always faithful, trustworthy and dependable in all things, He is our strength and our comfort, He our hope and our solace, never failing or forsaking His children, never abandoning them to this world or the forces of it.

In Him, even as desperation seems to grip our souls, we know we have promise of His tender grace. Through Him, even as despondency seems to mark our way, we know we have the pledge of His great love. By Him we, even as misery seems to plague our spirit and peace seems so far off, we know we have assurances of His gracious mercy. He is our compassion, our light and joy as we find ourselves in a world so prone to hurt and hardship and we so desperately seek an end to the strife and trouble that so darken our days.

To all people in all places who seek deliverance, He is their salvation…

To the captive taken, ripped from their lives, ripped from their homes, and held in such contemptuous estate, He is their salvation. In His glory He shall come to stand beside them in even these, the most pained days of their lives, as tranquility seems so fleeting and misery comes so easily. He will not leave them to these moments of hurt and sorrow that now holds them in their clutches.

To the prisoners held by brutal regimes of terror and oppression, their days marked by the grim reminder of the subjugation they are to suffer, He is their salvation. In the justice He shall come to mark their way, to guide their path as they struggle so desperately to breathe the blessed air of freedom and liberty. He shall make that glorious stand for their rights just as He endowed them with them.

To the slave tortured and tormented, their lives held cheap as they are treated as nothing more than cattle bought and traded, left to suffer the atrocities of the wickedness of these evil days, He is their salvation. In love and in tender mercy He shall light their heart, their great emancipator, ever vigilant throughout their ordeal for the cause of their liberation that finally they may be set free in the cause of the just.

To the girls who are grabbed from the street to be sold into the sex trade, their innocence ripped from them in the vilest of ways as they are violated and abused through the depravity of iniquity and hatred, He is their salvation. He shall not leave them to this, this great wickedness that holds their lives to be so cheap and their bodies so contemptuous. He shall contend with their cause in the force of His might as He battles against the darkness that seeks so to crush them.

There is no challenge so great, there is no trial so large or pain so deep, there is no torment so burdensome that it cannot be met by the Lord and the power of His love for His children. Though the authority of the Old Adversary may seem like it is on the rise, pushing forward to assert its supremacy on this world, the influence of our Heavenly Father shall make its stand for the cause of righteousness in the great mercy and compassion that He has for His children. He shall never leave them to the dominance of darkness as it seeks so to rule over them.

Just as the Lord was there with Moses as He led the children of Israel from the hands of their Egyptian Masters who ruled over them with the task masters whip, just as He was there with Isaiah as he sang His song of praise and preached deliverance even during those days of trial and turmoil that led God’s chosen people astray, just as He sent His only Son, our Savior Christ Jesus, to set captivity captive and ransom a world lost to sin, death and the devil, gripped by the power that the grave has over them, so too shall He now be there with all the lost and the captive souls so burdened with that meager estate they are held in.

Trust in the Lord and the power of His might, knowing that through all things, in all things He shall be there with His children, ensuring their freedom and their liberty, as He contends with the cause of justice, His true justice that shall always reign supreme. In all that we know, in all that we see He shall forever and always be our salvation, given unto us in the cause of those blessed assurances that He has made, ever faithful to the promises of His great love for us.

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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