Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pakistani Troops Rescue Kidnapped Students, Teachers

Great news from Pakistan, where the the students and teachers abducted yesterday by the Taliban have been rescued. This report puts the number at 80, although original reports said about 400 had been kidnapped, apparently some were able to escape uncaptured. Via CNN:
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (CNN) -- The Pakistani army rescued a group of 80 students and school staff Tuesday, a day after Taliban fighters abducted the group, military representatives said.
Pakistani students arrive safely in Bannu on Monday after militants abducted their colleagues.

The army rescued the group, which included 71 students, near Razmak in Pakistan's tribal region.

The abduction took place Monday in the same tribal region, the area where the military has waged a bloody battle against Taliban insurgents, police said.

Militants attacked a convoy of 27 vehicles carrying 350 students and teachers that departed Razmat Cadet College in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

The heavily armed Taliban fighters attacked about eight vehicles, while the others sped away.

Thank God for this swift and safe rescue! Please continue to pray for the safety of those fleeing the violence in Pakistan, and for the protection of their troops as they battle a fierce enemy in the Taliban.

Taliban Kidnap 400 at School in Pakistan

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