Monday, June 15, 2009

German Ship Hijacked Off Coast of Oman

A German cargo ship with 9 crewmembers was hijacked Saturday off the coast of Oman, the first time Somali pirates have extended their activities to that region. Via Reuters:
ON BOARD NRP CORTE-REAL, June 12, (Reuters) - Suspected Somali pirates have seized a German-owned cargo ship off the coast of the Gulf Arab state of Oman, the first recorded attack in its territorial waters, NATO alliance staff said on Friday.

The MV Charelle was attacked 60 nautical miles south of Sur on the Omani coast, NATO Lieutenant Commander Alexandre Fernandes said aboard NATO's Portuguese warship Corte-Real, which is on anti-piracy patrol off Somalia.

"The Charelle is now heading southwest towards Somalia," Fernandes said. "This is the first case of armed robbery outside the normal operations area of the pirates."

"They are probably looking for other areas of operations where there are less patrols by warships."

Prayers for the safety of the crew and their swift release.

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