Friday, March 20, 2009

Greek Cargo Ship Hijacked by Pirates

Despite recent successes by members of a naval task force headed by the U.S. in thwarting hijacking attempts, pirates were able to capture a Greek cargo ship and its crew in the Gulf of Aden. Via AFP:
ATHENS (AFP) — A Greek cargo ship with a 24-man crew has been seized by Somali pirates operating in the Gulf of Aden, the Greek merchant marine ministry said.

The St. Vincent-flagged cargo ship Titan is currently heading for the Somali coast following its capture, the ministry said on Thursday.

It has a cargo of iron and was sailing from the Black Sea to Korea.

Somali pirates have attacked more than 130 merchant ships in the region last year, including several Greek-owned vessels.

Please pray for the protection and rescue of the crewmembers of the Titan, and for the safety of all ships passing through this dangerous region.

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