Sunday, January 4, 2009

Two Kidnapped Journalists Freed in Somalia

Jose Cendon (left), Colin Freeman (right)

Great news from Somalia: two foreign journalists kidnapped November 26 in the Puntland region of Somalia have been released unharmed. Via MSNBC:
MOGADISHU, Somalia - Two foreign journalists — a Briton and a Spaniard — were released Sunday after nearly six weeks in captivity in Somalia, officials said.

The journalists, reporter Colin Freeman of The Sunday Telegraph and freelance photographer Jose Cendon, were working on a piracy story when they were kidnapped Nov. 26.

The Sunday Telegraph's publisher confirmed the two journalists had been freed.

According to CNN, however, the two Somali journalists kidnapped along with Cendon and Freeman have not yet been released. While we thank God for this successful resolution, please continue to pray for the protection and rescue of Muktar Said and Awale Jama. And please join us at 12 noon Eastern time for our daily 15-minute prayer service at Pray for the Hostages on BlogTalk Radio.

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Matthew J. Cochran said...

Praise God for the release of these captives. His goodness knows no bounds.