Saturday, January 10, 2009

Freedom for Kidnapped Crewmembers, Justice for Pirates

Wonderful news from the coast of Somalia: all 25 crewmembers of the Saudi supertanker Sirius Star are safe and free after nearly two months of captivity. And the pirates who held the ship until a $3 million ransom was paid didn't have much time to enjoy their ill-gotten gains: 5 of them drowned when their getaway boat capsized in heavy waves. Via BBC:
Coalition naval forces in Bahrain said it appeared that the pirates on the Sirius Star had received a ransom payment in a container parachuted from a plane.

Reuters later reported that five of the pirates making off with the ransom money had drowned after their boat was hit by high seas.

The audacious seizure of the tanker had drawn fresh attention to the dangerous waters off Somalia's coastline.

There were more than 100 reported pirate attacks in the busy shipping lanes off eastern and northern Somalia in 2008.

An international force headed by the US is due to be established by the end of the month to tackle the problem.

On Friday, Kenya's port authorities said a fishing vessel had been attacked and three Indian crew kidnapped, Reuters reported.

Pirates are still holding a Ukrainian cargo ship, the MV Faina, which was seized in late September carrying 33 tanks and other weaponry.

Prayers of thanksgiving for the safe release of the crewmembers of the Sirius Star. Please continue to pray for the crew of the latest hijacked ship and those still being held captive.

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