Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Evening Devotion 5/26/10

"Moses" panel, Lorenzo Ghiberti, 1452, Baptistry of St. John, Florence

“Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you,”
Exodus 23:25

How like a beloved child are we blessed by our Heavenly Father!

For a moment let us look upon the deeper promises of the Lord given unto us by His compassion and mercy. There are few assurances we are handed in our lives like the assurances given unto us by our God. Yet as He gives us the privilege of worshiping Him as our Creator whose hand formed us with care and love He also promises us that to worship Him means that His miracles shall encompass our days as He provides for us, cares for us and heals us. It’s here then that we understand that even the smallest or the most common things are cared for by the love of God. We understand then that there is nothing common about the common in our lives as He raises His hand to make His presence known amidst us. How much more than can He and will He do with the greater and the more encompassing things that are made manifest in our lives?

This was the miracle He showed unto the children of Israel. From the smallest of detail to the greatest of challenges, He blessed and He sustained as His miracles lead them and guided them even from the days of their captivity and bondage. With His life giving water He quenched their thirst, with His spiritual bread He filled their hearts, and with His light He gave them a path in the darkness.

Unchanging, the same yesterday, today and forever, these blessings that He bestowed, though they may be revealed unto us differently than they were at other points in the course of human events, remain as the standing testimony and the transcending witness of a living God of deliverance who always contends with the cause of His people. Sustained and protected, fed and healed by the same hand as saints and prophets, apostles and disciples of generations past our days are counted and our lives are blessed by a Heavenly Father who knows us and loves us with a heart that is always lifted for us and to us.

Here it is rightly and truly recognized that day by day, regardless of the world around us or the state of challenge, whether it is bondage, captivity or Diaspora, we find ourselves as we dwell in grace. By the gift of grace through the power of the Spirit we worship and glorify the Lord, through that grace then we are sustained by the Lord, and in that grace He blesses our lives as He showers us with the care that we so desire and need in our lives.

What an abiding miracle that truly and rightly must be seen as, what a encompassing and transcending love that must be rightly known as.... what a God we have and a blessing He is for us.

Let us pray:

On who shall we build our trust O Lord? On what shall we find the build our hope?

By Your love and in Your grace You have made Your promises known to us as You bless the lives of Your children and assure them of Your transcending, encompassing mercy. We know then that care is not far off when we look upon Your face, when we rely on Your word and when we worship Your name, glorifying You as Your works reveal Your compassion unto us.

Stand steadfast and vigilant then with us O Lord, holding true to the faith that we place in You. Look upon the faces of those who are held amidst the dark bondage and the grim estate of captivity and slavery, oppression and tyranny, poverty and destitution, persecution and disease and let Your name be upon their lips as You write it in their hearts through the deliverance that You offer unto them. Let their lives be given unto You and their hope be made perfect through You.

Lead these, Your children to the waters of Your love and the food of Your mercy, to the healing of Your hand that they may know Your light guides them and protects them through all that they are and all that they face. Lead these, Your children to the hope of Your compassion that they may find that they are brought once more to the blessed air of liberty, as You uplift them and edify them, as You give unto them all that they need to disperse the gloomy clouds of night that bring them to such despair as Your hope is made manifest in their lives.

Then shall Your people find rest in Your blessings as You prepare for them the place of honor in the assurances of Your encompassing love.

In the name of Your Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who lives and reigns with You in the Kingdom, one God, world without end, Amen.

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