Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Pastoral Letter to the Captives and Other Works

We hear little about it today, even with everything that is going on in the world but the truth is that Piracy and Hostage taking is nothing new nor is it something we have had to worry about in recent days. Since the earliest days of American history, colonialists had found themselves under threat from the Barbary Pirates setting sail from the coast of Morocco.

A Pastoral Letter to the Captives and Other Works tells that history. But more than a theological or historical piece it weaves together a story of faith and hope in the face of adversity, of perseverance and deliverance in the face of the most overwhelming odds. Here Exagorazo Press presents a book that shows God's goodness and His strength even in an age dominated by the challenges and struggle. Set against the age of the Barbary Pirate it delves into the spiritual and offers a unique look at the world in a way still relevant today.

To order your copy go to or search for A Pastoral Letter to the Captives on Available now.

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